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The National Association of Organic Producers of Montenegro – Organic Montenegro was established in May 2011 at the Founding Assembly consisting of all producers registered in the Registry of Organic Producers kept by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. General objectives of this Association are to promote the development of organic farming and new products, as well as organic market in Montenegro. Specific objectives underlying the planned future activities are:

  1. To improve organic farming, quality of organic products and their marketing
  2. To exert an influence on the relevant policy with a view to upgrading organic product quality
  3. To provide coordination in the development of organic product processing
  4. To provide coordination in the supply of inputs for organic farming
  5. To cooperate with relevant national and international institutions
  6. To ensure education and training for farmers and consumers and conduct awareness campaigns for consumers
  7. To promote and market organic products, represent organic producers on the market and on local and international fairs and exhibitions